Raymond R. Paradise


Raymond Paradise was a native of Chicopee, Massachusetts. He received a B.S. in Pharmacy from Hampden College in 1953 and an M.S. at Kansas City University in 1955, earning no grade below an A. While at Kansas City University, Ray served as a Teaching Fellow and taught nursing pharmacology at Providence Hospital. In 1955 he went to the University of Tennessee where he continued as a Teaching Fellow and earned his PhD in Pharmacology. Dr. Paradise received his post-doctoral research training at the University of Southern California from 1960-1962, where he was supported by a United States Public Health Service Postdoctoral Fellowship.  

In 1962, Dr. Paradise became Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and of Pharmacology at Indiana University. In 1969 he became Associate Professor of Pharmacology and was promoted to Professor in 1973. During his 25 years at Indiana University, Dr. Paradise published 59 research papers. His major interest was in the effects of anesthetic drugs on the function of cardiac muscle.

Dr. Paradise’s teaching audience included students from the medical,  dental,  and  nursing  schools as  well as  respiratory 

K.K. Chen, MD/PhD with Raymond Paradise, PhD

therapy students, anesthesiology residents, and basic science graduate students. He was an animated and extemporaneous teacher known for his persistent demands that students exhibit clarity and simplicity in explaining the goals and results of their research. His impromptu chalk talks following a seminar or a lecture often drew in students and professors alike to discuss conceptual points or the interpretation of data.

The Raymond R. Paradise Memorial Fund was established by former colleagues and students, together with other members of the departmental family to celebrate the memory of Ray Paradise as a teacher who stood unshakably for the fundamental elements of graduate education.

Twice each year, five competitive awards are given to graduate students in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology to assist in paying for their travel to a meeting or conference in order to present their research.


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